Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas in the country 2017

I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas photos from around our house this season. 
bring nature in..a star I made from twigs from our property .
homemade marshmallows ! fun but sticky !
I used @inagarten recipe! super simple!
I used cookie cutters for fun shapes! 
leftovers ......
a frothy cup of hot chocolate marshmallow goodness
our Christmas tree
OliveLee is in the Christmas spirit! 
Our farmhouse table all ready for the holidays
a few of my favorite ornaments!
my winter pjs
simple gifts 
candles and twine


  1. Please don't stop your Instagram feed - I love both the blog and your frequent Insta-posts.

  2. I adore everything here! I often want to "like" things on instagram multiple times, but don't since that only manages to "unlit" things! :) You are my go to for inspiration and relaxing images. I'll often scroll through your archives for peaceful pictures. And watching your stories is like my bed time TV since we don't have cable. :) Merry Christmas!