Saturday, April 29, 2017

~ a day at my favorite market in Indy, Locally Grown Gardens ~

the cozy dining area with its wood burning stove is my favorite spot for a cup of coffee

beautiful wares sit on rustic trestle tables 
copper pots and pans hang above a handmade cedar table 
outside dining area 
endless charm
grab a book and sit by the fire 
white dishes and vintage finds fill the shelves at LGG
white and wood , my all time favorite combo

dried flowers in metal trays 

beautiful linen towels for sale 

a peak into the kitchen where Ron makes the most amazing salads
and homemade pies (the sugar cream is heaven)

always fresh produce at LGG

rustic crates filled with dried flowers

sunlight pours in the front windows
in the summer the owner Ron, plants herbs in these garden boxes 


  1. looks like your home except with more "stuff".

  2. thank you ! I fight the urge to buy all his stuff!

  3. Thank you so much to share your experience how we keep our room and kitchen well decorated. I hope every people are like this and they also want such kind of kitchen room. So they also try your tips for this.